litebite is a gourmet food market that is dedicated to making fresh and delicious foods in a low calorie way using fresh, natural and healthy ingredients. litebite is designed to provide multiple food solutions to help people manage their multi-faceted needs. We provide cost effective food solutions for people who live fast paced lifestyles. We also provide healthy and nutritious meals for people who don’t have a love for cooking like we do, but they want ready to eat delicious food prepared for themselves or their families.

What makes litebite different and special?  We offer a large selection of quick meal solutions that consist of great tasting, calorie counted, healthy meals that are ready to go at natural hgh a great value. Our customers are able to customize and tailor their meal selections to their personal desires and goals.

litebite is proud of its healthy, great tasting food offerings. The need for low calorie, on-the-go food options is one of the many features and benefits that make our product line so attractive to an ever-growing market. All of our employees are thoroughly trained by experienced professionals with considerable expertise in the food service industry. We also train our staff on the importance of promptly responding to customer requests quickly and efficiently. We also pride ourselves with maintaining a high standard of quality control over the preparation of our food offerings.