Fat is usually something that is always avoided by health conscious consumers. These consumers check the fat content, along with calories and carbohydrates, under the nutrition facts on whatever product that they are purchasing. When it comes to seafood, fat is one thing you do not have to worry about. The fat content of salmon is high, and unlike with other foods, this is a good thing! Omega 3 fats are healthy for you and you actually want to consume a high amount of these fats as a part of your regular diet.

The fat content of salmon is made up of Omega 3 fatty acids, which are healthy and increase your immune system, especially related to your heart. These fats have been proven to fight against heart disease, cancer, high cholesterol, and blood clotting. They relax the blood flow in your blood vessels and arteries and help avoid inflammation in them.

Consuming your omega 3 acids through the fat content of salmon is the best way to do so for a couple of reasons. Seafood has such a high content of these good fats, and the body easily absorbs omega 3 fats. Eating seafood on a regular basis can immediately begin to make your body healthier thanks to the fatty acids. Introducing seafood, such as salmon, to your diet a few times a week will make a huge difference in your health and the way you feel.

One of the best things about eating seafood is that there are a number of types to choose from, and they can be prepared in a number of different ways. This allows you to enjoy seafood a few nights a week without getting bored. You can add various different seasonings, sauces, and sides to your fish. With salmon, you can grill, broil, smoke, bake, poach, steam, or sauté it. Imagine all of the possibilities, and all with the goal of consuming fat. Who would have thought you would be able to enjoy fats so often? Thanks to healthy omega 3 fatty acids, you do not have to feel bad about consuming fat when eating seafood.

For wholesome, natural protection from illness, look to Omega 3′s. Found in many Alaskan seafood species, Omega 3′s have been linked to helping to fight cancer.