About us

evolved from our passion to create great tasting, yet healthy food for ourselves. In today’s modern schedule it is not always easy to take the extra time to prepare healthy foods. Eating out or eating fast food has become the alternative for many people with hectic lifestyles, but as we know, this is not a healthy habit to get stuck in. Restaurant and fast food menus are full of choices that serve large portions with added salt and fats, along with added expense in exchange for convenience. Many people who are more budget conscience have turned to grocery stores and deli’s that offer prepared foods, but these microwave ready foods are often over processed or pre-packaged.

Before starting Lite Bite, we always tried to make an effort to cook a healthy meal after a long day at work, but found that by trying to simplify the food preparation of our meals, we ended up eating the same thing over and over. We tried preparing our meals on the weekend for the week ahead, but that ended up taking away from our family time. This lead us to the concept and methodology behind Lite Bite. We began to research, gather, and develop recipes that have now become our litebite menu. It is our undying drive to provide others, just like our own families, great tasting food choices that are healthy and convenient.

Our Mission

is a gourmet prepared food market that makes healthy eating convenient. At Lite Bite, you’ll find lighter and healthier versions of all your favorite foods, home-made in our market and ready to go. Unlike grocery stores and popular “healthy” or “organic” deli’s, we believe preparation is as important as ingredients. That’s why we like to use whenever possible all-natural, fresh, low-calorie ingredients, prepared in healthy ways, to create lighter, nutritious offerings that don’t compromise on taste.

Lite Bite believes the preparation of a healthy meal is as important as the ingredients

  • “Natural” and “Healthy” foods are important, but they are not healthier if they are not prepared properly
  • We have many years of culinary experience, so we know how to combine natural and fresh ingredients with a variety of spices and cooking styles to create healthy, yet tasty food
  • Check out “the litebite difference” on our Menu page. There you can see the nutrition content of some of our items and how they compare to common alternatives

Lite Bite is great for people on the go

  • From individual portions to meals for the whole family, we have a wide variety of entrées, sides and even desserts that are ready-to-eat
  • We know you’re in a hurry, so we’re set up for fast service without compromising on quality
  • We’re part of your neighborhood

Lite Bite offers healthy food that tastes great

  • You’re not missing anything by eating healthy – our food tastes great
  • We make it easy to eat right
  • Our meals are low sodium, low fat, low cholesterol and low calorie
  • We care about our customer’s health

Lite Bite’s service enhances your experience

  • Our staff is trained to help you select items that complement each other
  • Our staff is trained to understand the ingredients and preparation of foods to help you understand their benefits
  • Our staff can even suggest ways to use items in other dishes for variety



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