How to Boost Memory Through Diet and Exercise

Want to boost your brain power and enhance memory? Get moving! Despite various claims that vitamins, computer programs and brain teasers are the way to go, research continues to point to physical exertion as the key to a healthy noggin.

A memory center in the brain known as the hippocampus shrinks a little bit each year with age, but a year of moderate exercise (say like walking regularly at a brisk pace) has been shown to actually increase hippocampus volume.

In addition to regular exercise, certain power foods can thicken brain tissue as well. Strawberries and spinach prevent age-related brain disease, antioxidants like cranberries and blueberries increase memory and coordination, eggs and tuna prevent Alzheimer’s Disease,  Omega 3 fatty acids like walnuts and olive oil improve brain activity, and sweet potatoes and carrots nourish the brain.

Read more about the correlation between diet, exercise and memory.

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